Baltic Buoyancy Vests - How do I choose?

31 Aug 2012

Baltic Vests. How Do I Choose?

We appreciate all boaties are different. Therefore we offer a range of Baltic vests to suit. All come in sizes suitable from small children to large adults. We also stock an optional crotch strap for children. Baltic use only the best fabrics and soft foam for greater comfort and longevity.

Aqua                 $75

This is a comfortable vest with soft foam panels, a zip and single strap.

Best for growing kids, occasional boating, spares for guests

Canoe                $89

A one size fits all vest with a built in crotch strap.

Ideal for a kayak vest suitable for kids and adults, or for school and hire company use.

Genua                $119

The most comfortable vest on the market. Multi panelled, short fit. We think all women should try this first.

Most suitable for recreational boating, sailing, canoeing, light water sports.

Dinghy Pro          $129

Designed for active sailing and canoeing. As seen at the Olympics and Americas Cup.

Waterski             $139

Just like the name says! Use this for active water sports or watercraft. Built with flouro yellow fabric for easy visibility. Features 4 straps for form fit, 60N buoyancy for extra lift, and impact protection foam construction.

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